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Feminization Hypnosis


Feminization — A controversial subject, but extremely important for the man who needs it.

Feminization Hypnosis and Forced Feminization

What a controversial subject!

Two controversial subjects, actually.

Before we start, I'd better talk about…

What is Feminization?

(This is nothing to do with feminism!)

Feminization Hypnosis

Feminization in nature is when a male animal converts into a female. It happens in some cases. However, in this article, I'm talking about when a man —a human — changes into a woman.

There are different degrees to which a man can do this. It could be as simple as going to a cross-dressing fancy dress party, where it's just a brief bit of fun. It could be as complete as going through the whole business with surgery and hormones, becoming a transgender. (It does not necessarily mean that the man is homosexual.)

But for the man who is serious about feminization, even if undergoing the full surgical and hormonal treatment, there is one difficult block:

A man's mind is, well, male.

As a man, how do you change your mind and behavior to feel and act like a woman?

What is Feminization Hypnosis?

Well, you probably know that hypnosis is a process that reaches deep into your unconscious mind to change beliefs and behaviors.

So, it's simple:

Feminization Hypnosis means that you use hypnosis to make you feel as if you were a woman, and act like one, too.

That's cool! Well, for the man wanting to be a woman, it is.

Even for the man who is not prepared to go through surgery, feminization hypnosis will help to make the experience more real, more enjoyable, and more believable.

What do you think about it?

Some people find the whole idea weird. They complain about the morality. Some single men are even afraid that they'll one day pick up a "woman", not realizing that "she" is really a "he", because the "woman's" behavior is so realistic.

However, these people need not worry. Feminization is a voluntary thing that hurts absolutely no one. And a feminized man is not likely to want to pick up a straight man, because (as with a real woman) he would want to be accepted for his choices.

What is Forced Feminization?

Forced Feminization

Some men like to play a fantasy game of "sissification" or similar, where a man is "forced" to be female. (Again, where this is just a fantasy game, it's completely harmless and hurts no one.)

Playing this game, which can have several variations, is known as forced feminization.

Forced feminization, of course, seems more real and believable, and becomes more enjoyable, if the "victim" (and perhaps the "perpetrator") knows how to really act, feel and behave like a real woman. That's how feminization hypnosis can help.

How can I obtain feminization hypnosis?

Feminization hypnosis isn't something that I specialize in. However, I do get asked about these things (and many other things!), so I thought it would be fair to find a decent product on the market that I could recommend.

I haven't used it myself, but I have seen several of the testimonials from it, and people are reporting some amazing results from it. Whilst they don't actually grow breasts, some men really do feel and act like women.

If you're an interested man, I suggest that you have a look at Feminization Hypnosis from Richard MacKenzie (highly qualified hypnotherapist, author of Self-Change Hypnosis (or UK version), and featured several times in glossy magazines and on the radio).


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