Trust your body

We have grown up in a world with an increasing disconnection between body and mind. Your body actually knows a lot about you and your needs, so when you ignore it, you lose out.

What is hypnosis?

You would think that by now it’s obvious what hypnosis is and isn’t, but it turns out that it’s a contentious issue! What types of hypnosis are there?

Watching for the Wrong

We’re trained to watch for what’s wrong and to criticise in order to fix problems. But, we’re not trained to watch for what’s right and to praise in order to improve on what’s good. What does this obsession mean and how can we make it better?

The Hypnotic Seal

One of the strangest uses of hypnosis that I’ve read about is the Hypnotic Seal, where one hypnotist places a post-hypnotic instruction about who can — and can’t — hypnotise a client. Is this an abuse of professionalism?

Getting Stuck in Hypnosis

I was recently asked, “What happens if you get stuck in hypnosis?” The fact is that this is an old myth with no basis in reality. This article explains.

Is stage hypnosis bad?

Some people claim that stage hypnosis is a bad thing, and others that it is good. This article discusses some of the issues.

5 tips to reduce road rage

Road rage, an irrational excess of anger on the roads, means that some people lose control and react out of all proportion to mistakes on the road. If you suffer from this, what can you do to start fixing it?

Setting boundaries

How do we choose the boundaries that we set? Are they too loose or too tight? It’s not an easy act to balance, but there are some guidelines to help.