How powerful is hypnosis?

One type of question sometimes asked is, “What can you do with hypnosis?” What are the limits? Medical help A few renegade hypnotherapists have provided much hype, claiming that hypnosis can cure cancer, replace surgical procedures such as breast enhancement, make balding men regrow their hair, and more. There is no scientific evidence that hypnosis can do any of that.… Read More »

Is stage hypnosis bad?

First, let’s clarify what I mean. Stage hypnosis: These are shows for entertainment, typically done in theatre, pubs or other public places. In this discussion, I’ll also include impromptu shows such as street hypnosis or shows done for friends at a party. Hypnotherapy: This is where hypnosis is used for therapy or to improve someone’s abilities, such as helping… Read More »

5 tips to reduce road rage

Road rage is a specific form of aggression that shows itself when a person is driving. Road rage is not rational. When walking in the city, do you try to run faster than everyone else, get impatient, shout and swear at people who are in front of you, or  threaten to hit them when they turn in front of you? Of… Read More »

Setting boundaries

What is a boundary? A real-life boundary (much like a fence or wall) marks a line across which you may not pass. In the same way, but metaphorically, we set boundaries in our interactions with other people and animals. For example, you may not allow other people to hit you. Or, you may decide that you do not swear in front… Read More »

Giving permission

The counterpoint to boundaries Permission is the opposite of a boundary. A boundary is a restriction on what you allow others or yourself to do; permission is what you do permit others or yourself to do — in other words, a right. Setting permissions Setting permissions is a fun thing to do. It means granting freedom and, often, fun. It is… Read More »

Website rebuilt

Goodbye gremlin; goodbye work A security update rendered my old website out of order a few weeks ago. I have taken this opportunity to rebuild the website from scratch with a new, modern, system, but unfortunately it also means that all of my old work has gone bye-bye. This is my first post for the new website. I hope that… Read More »